Testing out the new life drawing waters

I recently moved to Orlando FL from Wilkes-Barre PA and one of the things that I always enjoyed was getting out to life drawing sessions.   I have tried three so far and each had it strong points.  I really enjoyed a session from a duo that I believe used to be or tried to be a Dr. Sketchy’s or had sketchy in the name or something.  But regardless, it was a theatrical costumed session in the theme of Sweeney Todd.  I also threw in a sketch from the Crealde art school which does these strange sessions on Sunday morning.  At least I know I have options.

New Figure Study for Paint “Precious”

I am working on the preliminaries for a new painting called “Precious”.  It tells the story of a young girl who as she runs through the fields of flowers in a mountain valley, she comes across a baby dragon, and wonders what happened to its mother.  This was done in life drawing style from photography taken from a wonderful model that I hired for a photo shoot for this project.  I still need to redesign the baby dragon and how she will be holding it, but I thought I would share this step with you.

Quick Self Portrait Digital Sketch

So I needed to do a quick self portrait sketch to be put into a flyer for an upcoming show at the Vision Burn Tattoo Gallery in Dunmore, PA.  My expectation is that this will be printed in black and white at about 1 inch by 1 inch.  I don’t do alot of digital work and should do more, but this was the quickest way to get the image done in the timeframe I had.